Be a Tease!

Forget Jersey Shore—bigger, better, glamorous hair is back. The coiffure experts from Cutting Loose Salon showed us how to pump it up! Here’s what they have to say about being a tease:

#2BlogWomen who have a finer fabric have confidence when their hair looks fuller. For women with a thicker fabric, teasing gives them more control, especially for up-dos. Teasing is part of a sleek styling process. To get that bump or pouf, you need a strong foundation, just like building a house. And you need the right tools and products to hold the structure in place. A strong foundation gives your style strength and longevity.

Now, let’s give you the tools you need to build your styling foundation. All the products below are by Paul Mitchell.

Hold Me Tight –  Workable hair spray dries quick, leaving a strong yet flexible hold.
Awapuhi Shine Spray – Clean, light mist adds luminous shine and helps protect your hair.
Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray – Humidity-resistant ingredients grip every strand to create volume and texture with real staying power.
Tease Brush – Creates sky-high style with voluptuous volume.

Start building:

Part the hair the way you choose, then tease only the root area. Holding that section tight, use your tease brush two inches from your scalp and press down. Pack the hair down three times (see video), and that’s all you need!

Now, look in the mirror and couture your hair to compliment the shape of your face. In other words, if you are Adele (lucky you), you want the sides of your hair to compliment the size of your figure.

Styling goes quick and easy when you have a picture or inspiration in mind.  Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it sure helps make your style better.

This video blog was also featured on This Week in Sarasota: