Behind the Scenes of our Photoshoot with Tom Carson

Styled by the Senior and Master stylists of Cutting Loose Salon, “A Twist on Tradition” explores classic 1930’s style with a modern flare. The Cutting Loose Stylists collaborated with esteemed photographer Tom Carson, fashion sensation Wicked Threads Wardrobe Styling, and the Bumble and Bumble Be.Creative House at the historic Church Street Station in Orlando, FL to transform the pin-up glamour representative of the 1930’s era.

Incorporating modern styling techniques, the Cutting Loose team strived to enhance the vintage pin curl and finger wave trends that are quintessential 1930’s hair fashion made popular by movie starlets like Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, and Veronica Lake. These reigning Hollywood beauties were sexy in a more traditional sense, and their iconic hairstyles were their crown and glory.

Immersed in the remarkable Church Street Station in downtown Orlando, the Cutting Loose artists channeled the location’s architecture and ambiance to recreate the vintage styles. The Cutting Loose hair designers used Be.Creative House’s various arrays of Bumble and Bumble styling products to blend the looks of smooth lines and voluptuous waves with modern texture like braided up-do’s to highlight bold and dimensional color.