Coral’s Involvement with EmpowHERment

This is the time of year where we like to reflect and reevaluate personal accomplishments at Cutting Loose Salon. The team looks back to see what can be bettered in the next few months of holiday time and busy business. The salon owner Coral Pleas shares of a new venture she is participating in and is excited to see what successes will become of it.

Insights from Cutting Loose Salon Founder and Owner: Coral Pleas

Coral Pleas is a council member with Coterie, a project in NYC. This project, launching September 2017, is the EmpowHERment event to gather the beauty industry’s top women around a common goal: celebrating, supporting and equalizing the playing field for women in our industry. Within the beauty industry, 82% population is women, yet the spotlight and recognition, not to mention compensation, remains on a small group of predominantly men.

The EmpowHERment project joins these ladies in an intimate setting to hear answers first-hand to questions such as: What obstacles have you overcome
and what wisdom can you share? How can we make mentorship meaningful? Who shaped and supported you along the way? What can you do to pay it forward?
What an amazing opportunity for Coral to share with some of the best, both behind and in front of the chair, revealing their successes, failures, and journeys for the greater good.

“The Coterie’s belief is that a feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality and it is fairness!” says Coral Pleas. “And, I believe they are right and think it’s going to be a wonderful thing to be a part of!”