Cutting Loose Salon is teaming up with Caregivers Comfort Creations

“Cutting Loose Salon is teaming up with Caregivers Comfort Creations for a special calender fundraiser supporting the Center For building Hope! Caregiver Comfort Creations offers products and services specially designed to complement the awesome task of Caregiving! Each calender is $14.99 and $6.00 of each sale goes to The Center for Building Hope! Please visit the link for the order form, and email, call, or mail the orders to Molly at 941-358-6000 or

The calenders features and benefits:
• Record daily activities in large boxes and use Notes space
• Utilize the 2nd monthly Calendar for Patient Appointments and Medications
• Be inspired with Inspirational messages written just for Caregivers
• Discover Nationally designated health focuses for each month
• Record Caregiver Resources for your important numbers
• Record Patient Notes and Observations
• Personally Relate to Caregivers’ Job Description and Responsibilities
• Record kindnesses/gifts received from friends and relatives
• Make yourself the priority with Monthly “To Dos” for Caregivers

“I received the Veterans’ Caregivers’ Inspirational Planning calendar as a gift and I love it so much that when my husband tears off the previous month, I tape the pages back together each month so that I can enjoy the calendar in its entirety because of its beauty and functionality. The two calendars make such a difference in scheduling appointments and keeping up with medications and organizing both the patient’s life and my life as the Caregiver”. – J Powell, Pennsylvania

“You reach a point where you feel guilty and you feel sorry for yourself.  There are 48 inspirational phrases-four for each month- and those little messages have helped me get through tough days”. – W Bergoine, Florida