Do it Up! From Top Tease to Up-do in under 10 minutes.

Okay, we just taught you how to be a tease—now it is time to “do it up.”

First, it’s better to start with second-day hair.  No need to shampoo; second-day hair actually makes the up-do easier to pin up. Adding curl or texture helps to hold that style.

Start by lightly backcombing the rest of the hair around the head, gathering the top section to create the poof. (Cutting Loose Salon carries  a teasing brush at both locations for $10.)

Gather your hair in your hands just like a ponytail and do the twist—no, not the dance move (just yet)—twist the hair, wrapping it around to create a bun. No, not that cinnamon bun you’re craving—this is the bun for style and sleekness.

Look, we all run around with a “day look” and get frantic to achieve that “nighttime look.” You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—any good cut should give you at least three “looks.” Just like the little black dress by day, adding slight touches such as a strand of pearls or a wild feather boa will change your style with your fashion mood. Even at the end of the day, an up-do, a headband and that nighttime attitude is all you need to be fashionable, fun and fabulous.

This video blog was also featured on This Week in Sarasota: