Getting to know Chelsea!

Shopping Local is a strong belief of Cutting Loose Salon because it supports someone’s dream and supports your community – helping making those dreams come true.

We sat down to discuss this with Chelsea Linde, a Senior Level Stylist at Cutting Loose University. She began her career here as owner Coral Pleas’ associate. This year marks her 7th anniversary with the salon and she wanted to thank Cutting Loose by sharing some of her accomplishments.

Her love of fashion drew her to the world of cosmetology. Chelsea earned many promotions at Cutting Loose and she then became a Bumble and Bumble educator. We asked, “Have you achieved any personal milestones while working at Cutting Loose?” “I have been able to purchase a home, help pay off debt, I got married, and was able to travel overseas!” Chelsea Linde shared. She also started a fashion blog that keeps her even more tied to the community and in the know.

Chelsea shared how she looks at Cutting Loose as an extension of her family. “With no judgement, I could call on anyone and they would be there to help with anything.” She loves how the salon has positively impacted her life and given her some of the best relationships to build on. Guests love to feel a part of something and she understands that feeling and welcomes it. Her personal growth inside and outside of the industry is attributed to what this salon has taught her.

“I feel Cutting Loose has taught me to reach high, but to stay humble. To keep reaching for my dreams and know to accept the failures. It’s growth, no matter the outcome!” Chelsea Linde shared.

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