Holy Featherheads!

When it comes to hair, plain and simple, it’s easy, nay expected, for women to become bored. Should I go for a summer bob? Why is it taking sooo long for my locks to grow out? Highlights, lowlights, or dye-job? These are just a few of the many melodramas that plague the everyday woman in need of some sass in her tendrils! What’s a girl to do when she needs a pick-me-up but doesn’t want anything drastic or blatantly screaming give me attention? Cutting Loose Salon & Spa has the perfect scratch to the hair doldrums itch! Fine Featherheads! That’s right, Fine Featherheads! 100% natural feathers consisting of a bundle of seven feathers and equaling ONE feather hair extension. Fine Featherheads™ hair feather extensions can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened, curled and can last anywhere from one to six months depending on care! The word “Extension” sounds scary right? WRONG! The application process is totally pain free and takes a matter of seconds. The rad feathers are clamped onto strands of hair with a micro link (aka tiny cylinder tube) and are taken off just as easily but releasing the clamp in the opposite direction.

One bundle of feathers for a demure subtle look, all over for a rocker-chic do, or sporadically placed for the boho vibe! The feather some in a wide array of colors to fit whatever mood you’re in! There’s a hue for everywoman imaginable. Rainbow Bright, Wintergreen, Natural, Yellow, Fall Foliage, and the list goes on. These bursts of color are fun and temporary which is key when you’re a woman on the town!