Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger: Hydromist Blow-Out Spray & HydroCream Whip!

Who doesn’t want that “can I touch your hair look?” The new luxury Awapuhi line by Paul Mitchell has the answer to obtaining these tantalizing tendrils. First and foremost, the treatments repairs hair up to 80%, is 100% sulfate free, hydrates and protects hair from future damage, and the entire collection is color safe. Could it get any better? Oh yes ladies, it does!
The Hydromist Blow-Out Spray is the answer for obtaining that sleek and professional salon look blow-out, everyday! With honey extracts and uv/color protection, it’s a total out of the park combo! Or how about the HydroCream Whip that leaves your hair silky and moisture balanced without the frizz? Are these the academy awards winners of best duo for your hair? The votes are in and they’re a knock out! Instead of saving up for that new cute top, try the new Paul Mitchel duo that will refresh your whole look and treat your locks to the pleasure they deserve!