Professional Growth at Cutting Loose Salon Summary

In a day where fashion, fun and fabulous collide, Cutting Loose Salon has now become a leader in Sarasota.  Our stylists are immersed in their local communities, growing and advancing, investing in others and love sharing what Cutting Loose Salon has done for them.

When we asked our stylists “What led you to this career?”   They answered with excitement and enthusiasm.

Kelly Gibson, Master Stylist 2 and Paul Mitchell Educator shared, “It’s what I do!  It’s what I always did, even when I just practiced on my friends.”

“My draw to the Fashion industry, primarily Fashion week, showed me how creative a stylist can become with something as ordinary as hair,”  Chelsea Linde, Senior Stylist.

As we prodded further, the deeper our stylists went.  We saw they were overwhelmed with the opportunities and the similarities in how they were able to succeed – receiving awards in the hair industry, teaching advanced education to newbies graduating cosmetology school, and joining with national brands such as Paul Mitchell, Bumble and Bumble and Oribe.

Each one of them, smiling as we chatted, were eager to discuss what they love about this career and how each day is one in its own.

When it became emotional was after we asked “How do you feel Cutting Loose Salon’s commitment to education has impacted your career?”

“I am always able to access inspiration at any time.  It is my choice to receive it, but it is always available!”  Chelsea Linde, Sr. Stylist, Bumble and Bumble Educator.

“I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am now…my life would be on a different path, not a good one…a stagnant one.  For that, I will always be grateful!”  Katie Steiner, Master Stylist 2

“It taught me to stay on my toes.  I am learning from the new graduates in Protégé just as much as they are learning from me.”  -Kelly Gibson, Master Stylist 2

I quickly learned the compassion is genuine at Cutting Loose Salon.  Coral Pleas, Owner of Cutting Loose, has always connected loving what you do and doing what you love—with rewards!  Being a part of a small business gives the team a chance to connect with each other.

The Stylists here choose to be here to continue the legacy, and they love to tell their stories of growth, development and professionalism.