Professional Growth of Katie Steiner, Master Level 2/Director of Education

In early November of 2008, Katie Steiner joined with Cutting Loose Salon as a Protégé.  Our Protégés assist our Master Level Stylists behind the chair including our CEO and Owner, Coral Pleas.  Katie quickly became Coral’s personal Protégé.  During her time assisting Coral, she learned how important education is and discovered her love to teach. Katie looked back on her decision to become a stylist and laughed that it all began with a friend’s recommendation.  She stated, “I know my life would have been on such a different path, a not-so-good one.” She believes that coming to Cutting Loose Salon was a wonderful step forward.  Coral helped open her eyes to see what she could become.

She traveled with Coral to NYC for her first hair show and remembered how magical and creative the trip was.  From the tour of the city in a limo to seeing the talent in person at the show –  that blew her away, she realized she could now be a part of something so incredible!  Her next trip was to the Gathering Show hosted by Paul Mitchell in Las Vegas.  “It was an unforgettable trip because I knew my new path with Cutting Loose would be an incredible journey and I was overwhelmed at the potential.”

Now as the Director of Education at Cutting Loose Salon on University, she thanks Coral for believing in her…for the family feeling this place has given her.  Katie shares, “It’s an open arms kind of establishment.  They welcome you in, see your talent and grow you exponentially.”