Senior Stylist Charlene Culp and Cutting Loose Guest Carole Beldon

One of Cutting Loose Salons favorite things is seeing our longtime guests’ faces. It is always a pleasure chatting with someone who not only has been coming to our salon since the beginning, but also someone who has referred their entire family and friend list.

Cutting Loose Salon is excited that share the story of Carole Beldon, a guest who followed Coral Pleas, owner and founder of Cutting Loose, from another salon to help her new venture succeed many years ago. Carole has been seeing our Senior Designer Stylist, Charlene Culp, for 9 years now. “I enjoy seeing Carole twice a week for a wash and style, but even more so, enjoy catching up with her and hearing her life stories, “says Charlene Culp, Sr. Designer Stylist

Recently, Carole called us to let us know she was in the hospital and would not be able to come to the salon for a while. She was disappointed to be out of her regimen and would miss her weekly visits with Cutting Loose Salon. When Coral heard of this news, she immediately visited Carole in the hospital, sent her flowers and even had her appointment there! Coral wanted to show Carole how much she and the salon missed her and thank her for her years as a friend and guest – even though life circumstances can be in the sometimes. “Carole has shown me such respect and loyalty for all these years I have been in business, I was so glad to be able to reciprocate my admiration,” says Coral Pleas.

The longstanding connection and growing relationships between stylists and clients is one of the many wonderful benefits at Cutting Loose Salon. We enjoy seeing family, friends, and neighbors running into each other at the salon. Even though they haven’t scheduled their appointments together, they love being able to congregate at our color lounge tables and spend some time catching up. “It’s a community atmosphere and refreshing to relax and be pampered at the same time!” – Charlene Culp, Sr. Designer Stylist