The Bare Essentials

By Ashley Pawelczyk
Cutting Loose on Main –

Every season usually has its own variations on the “nude, natural, and bare” beauty and Spring 2014 is no exception. From color and cut, to makeup (or lack-there-of), the gypsy-bohemian revolution is in full effect, and going au naturel is the trendy “non-trend” to stick to.

Last year was all about the intense ombre with contrasting colors and defined lines. Although this is still a trend we are still seeing a lot of, it’s much more reserved. We are seeing more natural tones, softer lines and more blending. Think Iced Latte rather than Rich Mocha…

Reds are always in but girls everywhere are trading out their fire engine hues for softer, peachy, golden tones. For our girls with commitment issues, talk to your hair stylist! Taking a mousey blonde to a vibrant, rich strawberry blonde is as simple as adding in some balyage and a demi permanent glaze for a new hue!

Braids are still in this season, appeasing much of my ‘hippie’ tenancies, but if you’re itching for a shorter do, the long bob (unfortunately dubbed ‘The Lob’) is a great style to ease your way into a shorter look. I recently lopped off my locks into the longer bob and I love it. I can style it when I have the time or I can let it dry naturally, which is what this season is all about.

I may be showing my age, but I still enjoy taking life tips from the movie Clueless about driving, relationships and most importantly, makeup. I believe it was the wise words of Tai Frasier who once said “College girls wear less makeup on their face, and that’s why guys like them more”. Surprisingly, from what I gather, it’s mostly true (not that we need to worry about what men think about OUR makeup, but it’s always nice to know). Cut back the size of your makeup bag and keeping it light and easy. Just a dab of light coverage concealer where needed, blush for color and mascara are your must-have spring essentials!