What’s Up, Joey? Vivid color and sand art hair

*This story was originally published on www.mysuncoast.com (What’s Up, Joey?)

Vivid haircolor has been a popular new trend this summer and it’s made its way to the Suncoast. One Sarasota salon is sending some amazing color combinations out their doors and making national news at the same time.

Remember the days when your hair color options were either blonde, brunette, or red? Well those days are gone. The hair industry has enjoyed a major boom as more and more colors are being added to the palette.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, Kylie Jenner, and Jenny McCarthy have debuted bright vivid colors.

“These unnatural, not found in nature colors… They’re everywhere,” says Samantha Daly, Master Stylist at Cutting Loose Salon in Sarasota. “Every trade magazine we get is covered with it. It’s on everybody’s Instagram pages.”

The growing Vivid Color trend is allowing stylists like Daly to get creative, giving way to a new trend called sand art hair.

“Instead of just one vivid color covering the whole head, each individual strand of hair is a different color,” says Daly. “One strand of hair may have two, three, four, or five different colors on it. It’s like looking at sand art where you don’t know where one thing starts and the next thing stops.”

After Daly uploaded one of her sand art hair photos to Instagram, her work went viral.

Cosmopolitan picked it up,” says Daly. So did Marie Claire and Good Morning America. All from hashtagging #SandArtHair.

Her vivid color appointments have grown from the occasional to now multiple appointments a week with clients of all ages.

“There are so many different ways to play around with it,” says Daly. “People are getting just the front, just underneath or just a few pieces on the side.”